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June 8, 2008

Stalin’s Deranged Vision of a Human-Ape Super Race

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stalin's human ape hybrids

The Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy was the world’s first ever primate testing centre, revolutionary in its medical discoveries and responsible for sending monkeys into outer space. The institute which was once the envy of the West, is now a dilapidated shell of its former glory. On the edge of financial ruin, the only reminder of its prestigious past is the horrific noise and site of the left generations of monkeys caged and distraught, but this present day site is only a fragment of the institutes more sinister history: attempting to breed the first human ape.

The institute founded in 1927 was rumored to have come into existence, as part of Stalin’s disturbing plan to make legions of industrial workers that would be inhumane in strength, while mentally subdued. This would in theory, be achieved by inseminating female chimpanzees with human sperm from male donors, in order to create human-ape hybrids that could mindlessly build cities at terrifying speeds.

After decades of circulating through the Russian Media and being entangled by myth, Russian scientists working at the institute today, admit that such experiments did take place within the institute and that most of the radical testing can be narrowed down to one man named Dr. Ilya Ivanov.

Professor Barkaya, the present day scientific director of the Institute, speaking to the Independent explains that Dr. Ivanov “took sperm from human males and injected it into female chimpanzees, although nothing came of it.” Dr. Ivanov had come to the institute to attempt the creation of the human hybrids, after successfully creating new species of horse at the Pasteur institute in Paris. The various years of testing in the early days of the institute, would manifest itself into hundreds of bizarre experiments before the epic task of trying to tackle 20th centuries diseases.

Inspired by Darwinism and Eugenics, combined with the abject soviet rejection of religion, Stalin’s deranged vision of a mechanized utopia was put to work. The desire to realize a perverted dream of monstrous sub-humans, whose sole purpose was to extend the soviet empire, was in action. However, along with communist utopian visions, the plan failed: most of the monkey’s escaped or were murdered during the crossfire of the Georgian Abkhaz War. Today only 286 specimens live in the institute.

One can only wonder though, what the new race would have looked like if the experiments had been fruitful, in particular seeing the nightmarish vision of thousands of indefinable men with bestial features, slaving away mindlessly on vast industrial zones.


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