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April 23, 2008


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“Comrades! The way across the bridge is closed. There IS no bridge.”

Imaginative Store Signs

Intense… almost like poetry:

How would you justify this name for a restaurant? –
(seen in Kyoto, but there is also a hotel/resort by the same name in Thailand)

(image credit: Chris Gladis)

Sometimes it’s a sheer coincidence, sometimes a malicious intent.

(image credit: Chuck Walker)

Something clearly went wrong here:

(image credit: idioteka)

Washroom signs that aren’t very helpful

This sinister “glaring entity from above” haunts the men’s room in Japan:

(image credit: Chris Gladis)

Only sitting allowed, please. No other unnecessary acrobatics:
(more info)

Wondering which door to choose? This page collects all kinds of “men/women” sign variations, not all of them obvious:

(image credit: Dave Linabury)

Probably the best one:

Here is a really exasperating situation. Imagine opening the door to the last available cabin, hoping to… and seeing this:

(image credit: idioteka)

Spontaneous Graffiti

Some of it is funny, some appeared there for no sensible reason. The following sign was spotted outside a cafe (somebody spent too much time on the internet?) –

(image credit: Willy de Bok)

(original unknown)

Could be the famous Banksy’s work:

So true:

Gamers will know what’s this about –

And this sign speaks for all the squashed pop cans everywhere:

This is not broken English… just imaginative.

This “vending machine poetry” was spotted, where else – in Japan. Wonderfully convincing piece:

(image credit: Chris Gladis)

And then, the broken English rears its ugly (entertaining) head:

(images credit: asylum.com)

(image credit: Engrish)

“Be careful to Tsunamis”. I doubt they’ll return the favour, though –

(image credit: Michael I. Colwill)

(original unknown)


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