Ur Place

April 23, 2008


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I call that a “pretty convincing warning”
(which however, failed to convince these guys) –

Now, this sign goes beyond merely “convincing” – into entirely different territory:

Captain Obvious strikes again:

(image credit: badcontrol)

(image credit: vidslib)

Follow the arrow:

…but carefully:

Dancers crossing… I’d like to see this; must be a beautiful sight:

(image credit: Anton Cheglov)

Invisible Cows are even better:

(image credit: Michael Seifert)

Miscellaneous signs and stickers:

Military does not waste words:

“Some days you wake up…” –

(image credit: choiresicha)

Very precise message:

(image credit: Ian Boyd)

a similar one:

(image credit: Ginny)

Care label (with a global message) –

(image credit: Stephan Augustin)

Seen (and enjoyed) somewhere in Russia

This one says: “DO NOT FEED THE ROBOTS”
Sure… but why?

(image credit: Aerofrau)

“Watch for Cats!” –

“Watch for loose (unruly) pedestrians!” –

“This is dangerous!” (no kidding) –

“Unpack only according to the manual. The manual is inside” –

(image credit: idioteka)

Another Evacuation Plan (Emergency Evacuation Procedures) –

(image credit: idioteka)


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