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April 22, 2008

80-Year-Old Man Walks Around the World

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Harry Lee McGinnis, better known as “The Hawk,” has seen his fair share of the world. He’s trekked through all 50 states, criss-crossed the Continent, and explored the depths of Asia, Africa, and South America, carrying only a 100-pound backpack and a large steel-tipped walking staff, walking everywhere he goes. You might imagine this intrepid adventurer as a young Indiana Jones type, but picture Indy’s dad instead: McGinnis is 80 years old.

His age hasn’t slowed him down for a second, though. For the last 18 years, this World War II veteran and former Methodist minister has committed his life to exploring the world by foot, taking other means of transportation only under extremely rare circumstances.

To date, he’s made his way through 66 different countries, dining on roasted termites and other exotic dishes, encountering elephants and apes, and making new friends in every country he passes through. His feet have logged about 80,000 miles so far, and he plans to explore Central America and Mexico before finally concluding his round-the-world journey in Texas. Until then, he’s writing updates about his international adventures on his website, Walk of the Hawk.

He doesn’t expect to be finished with his journey until 2010 or 2012, but he’s still got plenty of plans for the rest of his days: When he finally heads home, he’ll write a book about his decades of wandering the planet.

And after that? “I want to play tennis at 100,” he told Reuters, though he’ll concede “it might have to be doubles.”


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