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April 19, 2008

Guinness World Records at the Flora London Marathon 2008

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An exciting but exhausting day was had on Sunday by Guinness World Records’ very own ‘Team Marathon’. The Flora London Marathon was enormous for us with over 30 record attempts among the 30,000+ runners. From clowns to superheroes, from stilt walkers to Maasai warriors, everyone was up for some marathon record breaking.

We began with an 8am start in Blackheath. The GWR team were there with all of our record attempters at the celebrity start. Some reasonably organised chaos ensued with all of us rushing getting everyone signed up and photographed. We met the team of Maasai warriors who were wedged into the celeb pen with Gordon Ramsay, James Cracknell etc.

Before you could shout ‘Get ready, Set…’ they were off – with our amazing stilt walking lady right at the back. All of our stars were packed into the field – including soldiers, policemen, a scarf knitting lady, one Darth Maul, one Bananaman, one Buzz Lightyear and a chain gang. There was even a young man dribbling a basketball around the whole of the marathon course. The whole scene was very inspirational.

To see them all come through at the end was incredible – whether a record was broken or not. We fully hope that we helped everyone who attempted or was awarded a Guinness World Record to receive as many donations as possible to all the wonderful causes that they were all making such a momentous effort for.


These were the Guinness World Records broken:

  • Fastest marathon as a film character: James McComish (Darth Maul) 3 hr 55 min 22 sec
  • Most linked runners to complete a marathon: Richard Kirk captained a team of 24 Metropolitan Police Officers
  • Fastest marathon by a linked team: Oliver Holland, James Kennedy, James Wrighton, Eoghan Murray and Nathan Jones: 3 hr 38 min 24 sec
  • Fastest marathon dressed as Santa: Ian Sharman: 3 hr 12 min 27 sec
  • Fastest marathon in a military uniform: 5 hr 11 min 42 sec
  • Fastest marathon on stilts: Michelle Frost: 8 hr 25 min
  • Fastest clown: Jason Westermoreland: 3 hr 24 min 04 sec
  • Fastest marathon dribbling a basketball: Jean-Yves Kanyamibwa: 4 hr 30 min 29 sec
  • Longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon: Susie Hewer: 1 m 62 cm
  • Fastest marathon dressed as a superheroine: Christina Tomlinson: 3 hr 13 min 33 sec
  • Fastest marathon in a fireman’s uniform: Mark Rogers and Paul Bartlett: 5 hr 36 min 12 sec
  • Fastest group of Maasai Warriors to complete a marathon: 5 hr 24 min 47 sec


We would like to congratulate the new record breakers and welcome them to the family of Guinness World Records. See you at the next 2009 Flora London Marathon!


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